About Continuous City

Part art book, part graphic novel, Continuous City tells the story of two young New Yorkers, Allen and Pearl, as they meet in a New York that is continuously transforming between a variety of shapes and sizes. From a circular New York, to a compact New York, to a New York laid on its side, they wonder if their relationship can withstand a New York that is still struggling to find its true form.

The book will feature hundreds of actual buildings of New York City that I have individually hand-painted with watercolor and ink. In addition to a book, there will be an interactive component where you can create, narrate, and share your own versions of New York. You can check out an early prototype here.

388 backers successfully funded the book on Kickstarter!

About Me (Brian Foo)

I am a web developer, artist, and joy evangelist living and working in New York City. I most recently worked on a project called Cities of You where I envisioned people as imaginary cities using words and paintings.

I am interested in the intersection of art & technology, hand-painted & computer-generated, personal & collaborative. You can view more work on my personal website.

Preview The Book

Want to see before you buy? No problem! Click the link below to view the first couple chapters.

* Please keep in mind, this is a work-in-progress and content/layout are rough and subject to change

The Poster

A limited edition poster will be on sale, featuring over 200 New York City water-colored buildings that appear in the book. Initially they will be available as a reward on my Kickstarter Campaign. A limited number of posters will be available to purchase after the campaign is over as well.

Continuous City Poster

Images for sharing

Here are some images if you'd like to share Continuous City on your blog or social network:

Continuous City Poster Continuous City Art Print Continuous City Cover Title

Contact Me

Any questions, comments, or concerns? Shoot me an e-mail at hello@brianfoo.com and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!